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Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Sport Cars in the world 2017 -

Imagine if you have one of this cars, I think your happy will never end.

This is the 10 most expensive luxury cars in the world in 2017 and I hope you can buy one.

#10 Lamborghini Centenario (US$1.900.000)
Only 40 examples of Centenrio Lamborghini that will be made, and the price of one of them is US$1.900.000. This supercar is very exclusive. This has V12 759 horsepower (565 kW).
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#9 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (US$2.200.000)
Do you know that only 209 units of this car that will be producted? And of course i can't buy one. The price of a Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is between US$2.000.000 and US$2.500.000. Just imagine how cheap is this.
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#8 Pagani Huayra Roadster (US$2.400.000)
Roadster Pagani Huayra is a beautiful car with AMG V12 for 752 horsepower (561 kW) and 738 lb-ft (1.000 Nm). The price for this car is US$2.400.000. But if you want one of this cars, ifell sorry to you. Because all of this cars is …

Luxury Sport Cars from Various Brands -

Luxury sport cars and supercar are different, so you need to redefine this category before having misunderstanding. Sport car means vehicle with higher performance than standard. For example, you may see S-class from Mercedes Benz which has advanced variant. Supercar is like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda, etc. The cars are specialized for top market category.
Usually, sport car is compact or medium sedan, but hatchback or SUV is good to call sport car. As you know, SUV stands for sport utility vehicle. The only difference is functionality, but overall performance is quite similar. In this article, sedan-style refers to sport car that everyone know.

You may find this kind of car from prominent automakers from Asia, Europe, and America. BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz are called as the top three brands based on sales. Besides, you will find Porsche, Aston Martin, Maserati, Nissan, and Acura. If you want hybrid car, Lexus is available with excellent engine and feature. Manufacturers su…